C.W. McGrath, Inc. has been a major player in the Southern California construction industry for the better part of a century and the experience of it’s seasoned personnel consists of nearly 200 years worth of knowledge. The following is a list of a few notable projects that C.W. McGrath has completed over the past 50 years.

Project Type of Work Owner Client
Highway 78 Vista Freeway 4-Lane Freeway Construction State of California
Highway 80 Lake Jennings ext. 4-Lane Freeway Construction State of California
Tioga Pass Highway Construction State of California
San Diego Subdivisions Grading Subdivision Banner Construction
Chula Vista Fill Tidelands Fill S.D. Unified Port
Hewlett-Packard Site Site Development Hewlett-Packard
San Diego Street Development Street Construction City of San Diego
Kern County Freeway Freeway Construction State of California
Escondido Development Grading, Storm Drain & Paving City of San Diego
Access Roads Road Construction General Services Admin.
San Diego Development Grading & Drainage Piedmont Construction
Gillespie Field Taxiway Airport Construction County of San Diego
Cula Vista Develpoment Grading & Storm Drain Dale Building Company
San Diego Storm Drain Grainding & Storm Drain Sunburst Homes
San Diego Subdivision Street Construction City of San Diego
Chula Vista Storm Drain Excavation & Storm Drain Gersten Corporation
San Diego Development Excavation Daley Corporation
Oceanside Subdivision Excavation, Undercut & Storm Sunburst Homes
Valley Center Development Concrete, Berm & Water County of San Diego
Ranch Bernardo Development Clear & Excavation UDC Development
Vista Subdivision Develop Subdivision Patrick Construction
Otay Reservior Site Grading Otay Water District
Heritage Hills Country Club Grade Subdivision & Golf Course Heritage Founders, Ltd.
Four Seasons Aviara Grading & Excavation C. Ponkow Builders
Vista Way Widening Road Construction City of Oceanside
West Main Street – El Cajon Street Imporvements City of El Cajon
Cuyamaca Outdoor PE Storm Drain Nielson Construction
Emerald Ridge East – Carlsbad Clear & Grade Subdivision Monarch Communities
Rhodes Subdivision – S.D. Demo, Clear & Grub, Grading Barrat American
Sunroad II Corporate Center Excavation & Grading Swinerton & Walberg